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How to Prepare for Roof Replacement: Pro Tips

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Replacing your home roof with a whole new roof can be an amazing experience. Roof replacement is one of the best options you make on your property.

As you prepare for new roof installation, some more home preparations can ensure the job unfolds smoothly. Here are some tips for preparing your home for roof replacements before the roofing company arrives.

Roof Replacement Tips

  • Remove all wall decorations:

You may have noticed vibrations during the construction process due to heavy machinery and hammering. Especially, in deck repair and construction, these vibrations are high, which is nothing out of the ordinary.

These vibrations also affect the walls of the house, if you have any decoration items like a mirror, framed photos, painting, or anything similar hanging on the walls, remove them before they fall off and get damaged.

Removing decorative light fixtures and chandeliers from the ceiling and walls are also a safe option.

  • Relocate your car:

Leaving access to the parking area will help a roofing company to park vehicles and save your vehicle from damage. When roofers come to your home, they will need to load and unload tools, shingles, etc.

It will be more efficient if they can have access right next to your home. Also, by keeping your car away from the worksite, you can save it from any potential accidental damages and scratches.

  • Protect your kids and pets:

Just like other site constructions, roof replacement can also be overwhelming and hazardous for your young kids and pets.

Loud noises coming from the construction site can make them anxious. Keep your kids and pets inside your home away from the construction site and warn them not to go to certain areas with danger.

As young kids and pets may not understand certain dangers, the best solution is to have them stay at a neighbor, friend, or family member's house.

  • Secure your windows

Vibrations from roof construction and debris falling off from the roof can damage your windows. Falling off construction material from the roof can scratch your windows or may break them.

It is best to board them up until your roof has been removed completely to protect them.

  • Clear out the patio and yard

Clearing out your patio and yard before roof replacement is essential preparation to make.

Remove all toys kids like cars and bicycles, furniture, lawn ornaments, and potted plants so the roofer can work smoothly and don't trip over them.

So, make sure to put everything away from that area to prevent any damage to these objects.

  • Cut the grass and trim the trees:

Even though professional roofers try to keep your place safe and clean, at certain points of roof replacement, especially when the roof is stripping off, there will inevitably be construction material falling around in your home.

Cutting your grass short and trimming trees and bushes will help you to clean it all out easily.

Besides that, if trees are overhanging near the roof, it is better to cut and trim them so the workers can have open and safe access to the whole roof.

  • Remove any antennas and dishes:

If you have any satellite dishes or antennas installed on your roof, remove them carefully. Contact your cable provider to remove them before the replacement process, or you can remove them on your own.

Some roofers also remove your antennas or dishes before starting construction work. After completing your roof replacement, call your cable provider to reinstall the antenna or dish.

If you want the roof replacement to go as smoothly as possible, follow these tips. It will keep you and your belongings undamaged and speed up the construction process.

You may have some questions in your mind related to roof replacement. Some of them are explained here.

What is included in a roof replacement?

The following factors have much importance in roof replacement.

  • Size of roof

  • Type of roofing material

  • Type of roof decking

While the process of roof replacement includes:

  • Tearing off the old roof

  • Ready the roofing surface

  • Installing new roof

  • Final cleanup and inspections

Should I stay home during the roof replacement?

It is completely up to you if you want to stay home or not during the roof replacement process.

Maybe you want to stay home to make sure that the roof is properly installed or so. However, you should keep the following factors in mind while staying at home during roof replacement:

  • If you have never been home during construction, you may don't realize how loud the replacement of your roof can be. It is tough to stay at home with the constant banging on your roof.

  • You also have to think about your kids and pets if you have one. They can be more affected by the noise, and noise will disturb their sleep habits.

  • When you hire a roofing company to take care of your damaged roof replacement, you are trusting that they have complete knowledge of their job. So, stay away from the construction site for safety. Stay out of the home when your old roof is tearing off to avoid being hit by falling material.

You can certainly stay at your home during the replacement. Be aware of all factors and what is going on inside and outside your home during the replacement process.

Prepare your home before the roofing contractor arrives for safety measures, and it will help roofers to start work quickly.

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